Our ministries

  • Worship Services

    Services are held each Sunday at 10:00 am. 

    Child care, Junior Sunday School, Senior Sunday School and Catechism classes are included in the morning service. Click the photo for more information. 


    For Girls Grade 4-8, Runs October-April

    Click the logo for more information.

  • Calvinist cadet corps

    Cadets is a club for boys in grades 4-8 that runs October-April. They meet on Thursday evenings for Bible study, games, activities and outings. Contact Brice Helder for more information. 

  • Youth Group

    Youth Group meets on Tuesday evenings at 7:15 - 9:00 pm. Activities include Bible study, discussions, snacks and outings. Click the logo for more information. 

  • Coffee break women's bible study

    Coffee Break is a small groups women's Bible study held on Wednesday evenings at 7:15 pm. Contact Sandi Luchies.

  • birthday fund

    Each month, those celebrating birthdays are given a small Birthday token along with a small Birthday Fund envelope. Money donated to this cause is used to support children in developing countries. Approximately $325 is needed each month. Celebrate your birthday by lending a helping hand to needy children.

  • knitting & crocheting club

    This fine group of crafters meet on Wednesday mornings in the church from 9:00 - 11:30 am. There's time to craft as well as for coffee and fellowship. Ladies swap techniques and patterns while encouraging each other. Some items produced during this club time are donated to those less fortunate in our area. 

  • meal deal

    Helping hands when you need a little help.

    Have you just had a baby or are you recouperating after surgery or treatment? Have meals delivered to your home as part of the church community serving each other in love. Contact JoAnne VanMaar

  • luncheon ladies

    Providing A Light Meal For Sorrowing Hearts...

    This is a service provided to those who have recently lost a loved one. Organizers of this service will help to plan and prepare a luncheon on the day of the funeral. Contact Marianne Dykstra, Ann Reinink, JoAnne VanMaar, Ingrid Dekens.

  • A one week summer program for children aged 4-12 with Bible stories, active games, Bible games, snacks, crafts and FUN! Click the logo for more information.